New Pit Bull rescue places first dog, gets support from Wine & More

A new Pit Bull rescue is combining your love of wine and dogs by putting pictures of adoptable dogs on local wine bottles.

Wine Country Bully Rescue is a new non-profit aimed at re-homing and getting proper medical care for local dogs, specifically Pit Bull and Bully breeds.

“I see what a wonderful temperament and personality they have and they put thousands of wonderful dogs like this and like my dog down just by the thousands and it breaks my heart. It’s time to do something and time to step up,” said founder Robyn Kelso.

After retiring a few years ago, Kelso has made it her mission to find homes for abandoned dogs.

On Friday she will place the first Wine Country Bully Rescue dog under adoption.

Sox, a Pit Bull Lab mix, was abandoned at a construction site in the Tri-Cities and given to the rescue on Sept. 8.

“Now he’s heading north to a family with four kids, a mom and dad, a little Chihuahua and 15 acres to romp,” said Kelso. ” This is what makes it all worth it. And I just can’t wait, if we lay the groundwork now, where we can go from here. He’s only our first!”

New Pit Bull rescue places first dog, gets support from Wine & More

The shop Wine & More is stepping up to help the rescue get started. Owner Anita Kenfield created custom labels for St Hilaire Winery Premium Red and Chardonnay bottles.

“People are passionate about animals just as well as wine in this area so it just kind of seemed like a nice mix,” said Kenfield.

Each bottle is sold for $20. Kenfield donates $5 from each sale to the Wine Country Bully Rescue.

Kelso hopes to put pictures of new adoptable dogs on the bottles in the future.

Her goal is to build a full sanctuary for the dogs.

To sign up for the “Running with Bullies Dog Fun Run” fundraiser on Oct. 21 click here.