New, pour-it-yourself taphouse to open in Pasco

PASCO, Wash. — The idea for a pour-it-yourself taphouse in Pasco started in 2019 for Emilio Avila and his parents. He said he had just graduated basic training in San Diego, when they visited an iPourIt Inc. taphouse.

“We stuck around San Diego for a little bit and we came across a self-serve tap house similar to the one we have and I fell in love with the idea,” Emilio said.

Then, the pandemic hit, putting a wrench in Emilio’s plans for a Pasco bar.

“We basically just waited for the pandemic to clear up, I know a lot of people wanted to go out again and resume to the normal life,” he said.

He used the last two years to plan out where the taphouse would go. He said he knew he wanted it to be self-serve, a concept created by iPourIt.

“It was the perfect opportunity for us to bring something new to the Tri-Cities for them to come – as soon as everything went back to normal,” Avila added.

He said their biggest challenge, among labor and supplies shortages was finding a location. Avila recounted the many properties they viewed, but said nothing offered everything they needed, like their current spot.

“It was very hard to find a location — so we came across the location we’re at there at the Broadmoor Center and it fit all the needs. It’s spacious, it’s open, has that industrial look, it had a kitchen, it had a previous restaurant; all the necessities. That was our perfect opportunity to take advantage of that,” Avila said.

They’ve been working to ready the space for Tri-City Taps. A you-pour bar that will offer over four dozen taps, with the wave of a bracelet.

“You come in, put a card on file, she’ll go ahead and activate a bracelet, we’ll have 50 beers on tap, we’re going to have five wines, a few ciders, you pick whatever beer of your liking – you get your bracelet up to the bracelet reader, it’ll activate the pour so as soon as you start pouring it’ll start charging you by the ounce,” Avila explained how it worked.

Tri-City Taps will also have mixed drinks for patrons.

“I’m excited to have a bunch of people there at the taphouse and having some good music and just overall a good spot to hang out,” Avila said.

They’re making the finishing touches to the inside of the bar and getting ready to make 50 taps available, featuring local and regional brews.

“We’re very eager to open and bring something new to them, here to the Tri-Cities that they all deserve we had a very rough year with the COVID year but we’re ready to bounce back and bring something new,” he said.

Tri-City Taps will also have an outdoor space where patrons can enjoy their meals and beverage. They hope to open sometime in mid to late June.

Tri-City Taps is located at 5236 Outlet Drive in Pasco, in the Broadmoor Center, next to the Three Rivers Soccer Club.

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