New solar development planned for Tri-Cities to power more than 11,000 homes

Solar power now cheaper than grid in hundreds of Chinese cities
Stock Photo/Bill Alberter/CNN

RICHLAND, Wash. – A new solar project is planned for the Richland area that would provide electricity to more than 11,000 homes in Tri-Cities.

Energy Northwest and Tucci Energy Services have signed an agreement for TES to lease 300 acres of land to build around 75 megawatts of photovoltaic solar panels. Constructions is projected for spring of 2022.

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The announcement comes just weeks after another local solar project went online. The Horn Rapids Solar, Storage & Training Project features more than 11,400 solar panels – enough to power 600 homes. Additionally, it has 1 MW of battery storage that can provide energy to about 150 homes for four hours.

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The new solar project will be adjacent to the Horn Rapids project, which is also a partnership between Energy Northwest and Tucci Energy Services.

In 2015, the Department of Energy’s Richland Operations Office transferred 1,641 acres of the Hanford site to TRIDEC and the Tri-Cities community for economic development. In 2016, TRIDEC transferred ownership of 300 of those acres to Energy Northwest.