New thrift store opens while aiming to give back to the community

KENNEWICK, Wash — Through the end of the month, shoppers can give back while supporting local at a new thrift store in Kennewick.

Tri-City Treasures opened their doors Tuesday, Feb. 16th and owners Terry and Shane Pooler said it was “exciting.”

“We’re set up as a nonprofit and so we’re trying to be a blessing to the community,” Shane said.

To kick off their opening, the Poolers are paired up with local organization Clean Sweeps.

For every winter item donated, customers can receive 10% off of their purchase at Tri-City Treasures until the end of February. These include blankets, hats, gloves and warm coats.

“We know there’s a huge need in our community with the homeless and others, so we were just trying to think of a way to meet those needs,” Terry said. “Just know all of these things are going to a great cause and to people in cold weather who need them.”

The Poolers said giving back is something they were “called to do.”

“I’m so thankful to the Lord that he’s allowed us to do this,” Terry said. “With COVID-19 and everything going on, a lot of people have lost jobs or found that they’re not able to work or make a living. So, if we can help in anyway, whatever means that we have, that’s what we want to do.”

If you have items to donate, the Poolers said there are a couple of options you have.

“If people have stuff we set it up so they can either schedule a drop-off or we will go and pick it up for them,” Shane said.

Tri-City Treasures is located at 2813 W. Kennewick. You can call 509-783-0405 for drop-off information and store hours.