New Tri-Cities cat rescue encourages fostering and adoption

PASCO, Wash. – After months of preparation, Tumbleweed Cat Rescue is ready to save some cat’s lives.

President Ann McCartney said, she and her team started working on the rescue in early 2019, but due to COVID-19, they slowed down and took their time. McCartney said their biggest mission is to ease the overwhelming amount of cats that come through the Tri-Cities Shelter, by placing them in foster homes or just spreading the word.

“We try to take off of their shoulders some of the more difficult cases; cats that have been here for a while or kittens that need immediate assistance,” she said.

Deb Sporcich, the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter Director, said it’s rescues like Tumbleweed that truly help the community.

“We rely a ton on local rescues to help expand our shelter walls,” she said.

“They have huge numbers of calls coming in constantly,” Ann said.

Helping is as easy as donating online or opening your home to foster.

Pasco resident Krista Hahn said she and her family have fostered dozens of kittens and encouraged others to do the same.

“To have them go out for adoption and you know be adopted, you know that’s the best part, that’s like a huge amount of just happiness to see them move on and get that full life that they deserve,” she said.

Krista added most of the time, rescues will provide a foster family with the supplies they need and will never dish out more than someone can handle.

As they continue to establish themselves and gain a following, Tumbleweed Cat Rescue needs the public’s help. If you can’t foster or adopt, Ann said there are plenty of ways to donate and give back.

“To run an animal rescue and make sure they’re getting proper care and living in sanitary conditions in foster homes and getting loving homes is awesome that’s the best thing you can hope for,” Ann said.

Visit Tumbleweed Cat Rescue’s Facebook for information on fostering, adopting or donating.