New Walla Walla late night hang out brings taste of Guatemala

late night hang out brings taste of Guatemala
New Walla Walla late night hang out brings taste of Guatemala

A small taste of Guatemala is coming to Walla Walla.

Andrew Thonney grew up in Walla Walla and was inspired by how the coffee bean bought people together in America and all over the world.

After interning at a coffee shop in Guatemala, he wanted to open up his own late-night shop, and local youth are excited to finally have a place to hang out after hours.

“There’s not many places here in Walla Walla that you can go out, hangout late at night so I think this will be a great spot to do your homework, and at the same time be around a good social area,” Walla Walla Community College Student, Miguel Baza said.

“We will provide healthier products whether it’s more nutritious baked goods, whole fruit and veggie smoothies, which will mostly come from local produce. I’m really trying to keep everything here in the valley as much as possible,” Livit Coffee Company Owner, Andrew Thonney said.

Thonney has been selling Guatemala coffee beans in Walla Walla to help fund his new dream shop, and hopes to bring more life to Walla Walla with his new vibrant atmosphere.

There will also be a lounge area to watch TV events and play pool.

The whole project has cost about $50,000 dollars.

Thonney plans to open Livit Coffee doors sometime in the next week, if you would like to learn more about Livit Coffee Company you can visit their page.