Newhouse Leading in Dist. 4 Congressional Race

Didier Files Legal Complaint Against Newhouse, Claims Illegal Campaign Activities

With all seven counties reporting, Dan Newhouse (51.67%) is leading in the Dist. 4 Congressional race over Clint Didier (48.33%) by 3,034 votes.

Newhouse thanked supporters for carrying him to victory. “I also want to thank my opponent for running a spirited campaign. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but we agreed on many issues. For those of you who may have supported the other candidate in this race, I plan to work hard to represent you to the best of my abilities, I’d be happy to work with you, and my door will always be open to you,” Newhouse said.

But Didier says he will not concede until all ballots are counted. That includes the ones that were mailed in on Election Day. “91,000 votes counted, maybe 50% have been counted so he has a lead in the first half. There’s two halves to this game. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.”

The winner will replace long time U.S. Representative Doc Hastings.

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