'The parade is very special': Sisters see Sunfair Parade in Yakima for the first time

YAKIMA, Wash. - For more than half a century, the Sunfair Parade in Yakima has brought delight to the hearts of local families; it's also signified the kickoff of the Central Washington State Fair. 

While many Yakima Valley residents attend every year, there's still some who experience the parade for the first time. 

"There's lots and lots of people and cute dogs and cars coming by and giving kids and people high fives," Anastasia Lopez said.

Anastasia attended Saturday's parade with her sister, Elizette Lopez, and other members of her family. Both girls said this is the first time they've been to the event and that they love it. 

"The parade is very special and there's cars giving us candy and there's horses here," Elizette said. "My family are here and they're really, really, really nice." 

When asked how much fun the parade was — on a scale from one to ten — Anastasia said: "one hundred and thousand."

"The parade is very, very fun and everybody comes here and has some fun," Anastasia said. 

Both Anastasia, 6, and Elizette, 4, said their favorite part of the parade was getting to see the princesses dance — and getting candy from them.

"The princesses are really special to me," Elizette said. "I like when they spin around." 

The princesses were part of the hundreds of participants who made their way down Yakima Avenue as part of the 58th Sunfair Parade.

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