92 guinea pigs dumped near Milton-Freewater

Ninety two guinea pigs were dumped on the side of the road on April 14. A nearby neighbor found the guinea pigs in Umapine, Oregon.

They are mostly females and fifteen of them were pregnant at the time.

Brandi Holady of Milton-Freewater took in 71 of them, the ones who couldn't get re-homed. Holady said she was originally angry to hear they were abandoned and she just had to help.

"They could've reached out for help," said Holady.

Now she is dealing with some of them having babies. Two of the mothers have delivered babies, one had three and one had six.

"They're cute and adorable. It doesn't get old seeing the babies," she said.

They are staying on Holady's 10-acre farm in an area built for rabbits. As the guinea pigs multiply, she needs more and more supplies. She said many people have donated in the last few days - even from as far as the U.K.

"We are in the process of getting the males all neutered and any of the females that need medical care. Once that is all done we'll get them homes," said Holady.

She said some helpful she needs are timothy hay, pelleted guinea pig food, water bottles and paper bedding. If you would like to donate you can a donation and leave items at Petco, The Blue Mountain Humane Society, City Zoo and American Family Insurance in Walla Walla. You can also bring items to Petsmart in Kennewick.

If you would like to adopt a guinea pig, you can contact Holady through the Facebook page.

Holady is also looking for a 4-H club to help take care of the guinea pigs and play with them.


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