Amethyst Creamery opening soon in Richland

Amethyst Creamery

RICHLAND, Wash. - A Richland resident is bringing a unique twist to your typical ice cream and coffee shop. He’s offering a display of crystals, rocks, and minerals.

Doug Tallman will soon open the doors to Amethyst Creamery at the corner of Lee Boulevard and George Washington Way. It’s still in the construction phase, but he’s excited to combine his hobby with a few sweet treats.

“Rocks and gems have always been my passion,” Tallman said. “And I just love them and I just love teaching people about them and I know kids are into it and I love kids, and I love teaching them something new."

He owned a rock and gem store near the Sun River area in Oregon. For nine years, he’s shared his passion with those who walk in those doors before selling it two years ago. With this new store, he’s hoping to spread his knowledge to others.

“We’ll have a little rock bin where they can pick their polished agates and put them in a little bag and you know, bring the treasures home with them,” he explained. “And just, you know, we want to have a place for people to have a good time."

Aside from the rocks and minerals, they’ll different flavored coffee and ice cream, including one called affogato. Tallman said it’ll be a scoop of ice cream with two shots of espresso poured over the top.

The utensils used for the food will be recyclable materials.

“Cups, straws, napkins and garbage bags will all be eco-friendly and dissolve within 100 days,” Tallman said. “I am very concerned about our Earth, and I’m trying to do everything I can to save our planet.”

The straws will be a corn-type plastic straw, which will dissolve just as fast, he said.

Amethyst Creamery will have vegan and non-dairy options.

Tallman hopes to open by Oct. 1 or Oct. 15 at the latest. 

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