Behaved Boaters: Walla Walla's ‘Operation Dry Water' results in no BUI arrests

The Walla Walla Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol had a busy holiday weekend out on the water looking for impaired boaters as a part of ‘Operation Dry Water 2019.’

Results are now in for the holiday weekend investigation, and were overall positive, according to Walla Walla deputies. 

Out of a total of 126 boaters they checked for sobriety around Hood Park, they say none were impaired.

On Friday, deputies contacted 37 boaters, and did not detect any impairment. Similarly on Saturday, deputies contacted 49 boaters, but again, none were impaired. On the final day of Operation Dry Water, Sunday, deputies tell us they contacted 40 boaters, who again passed with the test.

Officers did report making several warnings for missing mandatory equipment, and they helped put out a boat engine fire on Friday. That was not alcohol related, they say, and no one was injured. 

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