Burn ban issued for Benton Co. due to high fire danger

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - The Benton County Clean Air Agency has issued a burn ban, meaning no agricultural or residential burning.

This comes after a Red Flag Warning was issued by the National Weather Service. The agency determines the burn ban each day based on several factors including wind speed, temperature, humidity, wind diversion and more. 

"Especially with this red flag warning, if there are any fires already burning, this wind, taking humidity out of the air -- it can easily spread a wildfire a lot further," said John Lyle, Clean Air inspector with the agency. "A lot of our fire dangers come from the County Marshal. So depending upon those statuses will be our first determining factor for determining where our burn status sits."

Right now, the fire danger is high, according to the Benton County Fire Marshal Ken Williams. This means wildfires are likely. However, the Benton Clean Air Agency expects this to rise to very high or extreme.

"It may be good in one region, it may be poor in the majority of the county, so we make the decision for the entire county," Lyle said. "Vice versa, if we call the burn day -- it's good for majority of the county. It may not be good for your area and you should use caution."

Click here for more information about legal burn days in Benton County. 

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