Camera cables cut at Wapato City Hall, public documents may have been stolen or destroyed

WAPATO, Wash. - Wapato city officials say someone's been stealing or destroying public records, but they don't know who: possibly because someone cut the cables to their surveillance cameras.  

At a public meeting Tuesday night, the Wapato City Council voted to buy new cameras to replace the ones rendered useless behind City Hall.

The council also passed a resolution and ordinance giving city attorneys the power to investigate what they say are credible allegations that public records have been removed from the building or no longer exist.

Council member Keith Workman said they don't know exactly what documents may have been taken, but the new resolution reinforces that the city could be in legal trouble if records pertaining to ongoing lawsuits were to be removed from City Hall.

Until the new cameras are purchased and installed, City Hall has no surveillance on its back door.

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