HOOD RIVER, Ore. — Thanks to advances in genealogical technology, skeletal remains that were recovered in woodlands near the Columbia River Gorge in 2009 have been linked to the cold case of a missing man from the East Coast that was reported over a decade ago.

DNA analysis reveals Hood River skeleton was the victim in a cold case from 2008

(Image credit: 2-D re-approximation of facial features and pigmentation generated by Parabon NanoLabs in 2021 using the Snapshot® Advanced DNA Phenotyping technology via Oregon State Police, Facebook)

According to a social media alert from the Oregon State Police, a skeleton consistent with that of a Caucasian male between the age of 30 and 50 was recovered on Christmas Eve in 2009. Children playing in a wooded area near an Oregon Department of Transportation facility in Hood River County alerted the authorities, who recovered the remains alongside a large suitcase full of clothes and a backpack full of toiletries.