Doctors urge community to be safe during triple-digit temperatures

TRI-CITIES, Wash. - While summer is a fun season to enjoy, it can also be dangerous.

Doctors say spending long hours in the sun can potentially send you to the hospital. Following a couple simple tips can help you stay safe during these triple-digit temperatures.

  •  Limit your time in the sun as much as possible. and if you have to go out, do so in the morning when it's cooler.
  • Wear light clothing. Wear loose-fighting and light-colored clothing as much as possible. Avoid wearing layers.
  • Drink water frequently. Make sure you are staying hydrated on these hot days but don't go hours without water and drink too much at once, as it can cause an electrolyte imbalance.

Heat exhaustion comes before a heat stroke, which occurs when the body's internal temperature is higher than 104 degrees.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion are dizziness, sweating, headaches and vomiting. Someone experiencing any of these should be cooled down with water or a fan. However, if someone is suffering from a heat stroke, they should be taken to the hospital immediately for professional treatment.

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