Drug suspect abandons his child to run from police, still carrying his drugs and money

Moses Lake man abandons son to run from police
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Moses Lake man abandons son to run from police

MOSES LAKE, Wash. - Moses Lake Police officers chased down a drug suspect on Monday who allegedly left his son behind to flee on-foot with his cocaine and cash.

Michael Cera Barajas was in a car with his 3-year-old son at the Moses Lake Aquatic Center. Officers confronted him as part of a drug investigation, and he took his drugs and money and ran, leaving his son behind.

Officers made sure the child was safe and then chased Cera Barajas through the pool area. He was taken into custody as he tried to enter the pool, where officers confiscated cocaine and $1,800 in cash.

Afterwards, officers returned to the car with a warrant and found a loaded pistol and more cocaine.

The child is safe, and was turned over to Child Protective Services.


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