Benton REA awards $52,000 worth of scholarships

Benton REA awards $52,000 worth of scholarships

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — Eight graduating high schooler seniors will receive a combined $52,000 from Benton REA.

Benton REA said they use unclaimed ownership credits to provide scholarships to high school seniors whose parents or guardians are Benton REA members.

The eight West Richland seniors were divided into two groups: those who will attend a trade or technical school and those going to a university.

All three recipients of the cooperative’s $4,000 Trade & Technical scholarship are from West Richland. They are Coral Bears, daughter of Jim and Jennifer Bears; Ethan Henning, son of Jake and Diana Henning; and Garrett Collins, son of Jason and Lori Collins.

The five recipients of the $8,000 Academic scholarships live in West Richland. They are Shreya Mehta, daughter of Sunil Mehta and Priya Sabharwal; Madison Slade, daughter of Roscoe and Shawna Slade; Ella Stam, daughter of Erik and Jaqueline Stam; Brookelyn Peterson, daughter of Kirk and D’anna Peterson; and Sydney Smith, daughter of Blake and Sheri Smith.

Benton REA said these seniors plan to continue their education across the county, studying firefighting, electrical line work training, electrical maintenance, STEM, humanities, elementary education, environmental engineering, orthopedic sports medicine and chemical engineering. You can read a short bio on reach recipient here.

Academic scholarship applications are reviewed by two committees and are then judged on the quality of the applicants’ academic achievements and essay.

Trade and Technical scholarships are awarded based on the students’ experience and recommendation letters. This year, the REA received 26 applications for the scholarships.

The scholarships are issued in $2,000 increments throughout their continued education. Recipients must maintain a high level of academic success to receive the full $8,000. The Trade and Technical Scholarships are issued to the students’ trade school, not to exceed the cost of tuition, books and trade-related equipment.

Applications for Benton REA’s 2023 scholarships will become available in the fall.

To learn more about these scholarships and read the recipients’ essays, visit their website.