Fair: 4-H kids showing off this year

Its day two of the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo as the ‘Best Week of Summer’ continues with a trip to the 4-H barns.

Hundreds of kids work throughout the year in so many different categories and it all culminates with various competitions at the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo.

Sophia Brooks, who has been showing dairy cows for three years, says this is an experience like no other for her.

“4-H is a lot of fun. It’s over 100-percent fun,” she laughs. “I don’t know what that is in a regular number but that’s what it is to me.”

Natalie Kinion, the Regional 4-H Youth Development Coordinator, says the reward for her is seeing kids grow up to be people we can all be proud of.

“It’s creating the blue ribbon kid,” she says, “and so I love to see them learn responsibility and follow through and goal setting.”

If you and your child are interested in signing up for 4-H, just contact Kinion at the Washington State University Extension Office in Franklin County at (509) 545-3511 or via e-mail at 

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