Gov. Inslee visits LIGO Hanford Observatory

HANFORD, Wash. - Governor Jay Inslee made several stops around the Tri-Cities on Thursday, meeting with various groups and taking tours.

One of his stops was the LIGO Hanford Observatory. The governor was actually one of the people who initially helped secure funding for the building and was at the site's groundbreaking event in the 90's.

This is the first time Inslee has been back since it opened and LIGO employees toured him around the area, highlighting some of their biggest accomplishments and discoveries throughout the years.

One of  the most notable is the discovery of gravity waves. Inslee said it's remarakable what all the LIGO team has been able to do.

“Washington has an innovative culture, we are frequently ahead of the curve and the Tri-Cities is leading that," Inslee said. "What I saw today is some of the world's geniuses working with the Tri-Cities community to make this happen."

Inslee said he's excited to see what other kinds od discoveries will happen at LIGO in the future.

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