'He had such a big heart': Kennewick woman remembers husband lost in ATV accident

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Josh Lohman was an avid outdoorsman, a talented welder and a loving, caring husband. 

“I’ll remember him as my best friend,” Camille Lohman said. “He had such a big heart.”

Josh grew up in Finley but lived most of his life in Kennewick. He met his wife nearly a decade ago and they were happily married for over 6 years.

He was a sheet metal worker by trade but often used his skills to bring other people joy. Camille described how talented he was with metal. 

He built a makeshift mechanical bull by welding a massive barrel to a thick spring on a stand. He gave it to his cousin’s son who wants to become a bull rider. He built a fire pit artistically engraved with a Seahawks theme and a motorized log splitter that attaches to a hitch. 

In 2012, he won 1st place at a national welding contest in Las Vegas.

Camille’s favorite project of his was a demolition derby car built for Camille’s dad, which they first used after their wedding. 

One of her happiest memories of him was the day he proposed. He took her through an old train tunnel by the Columbia River to a spot where he painted “MARRY ME CAMILLE” in giant letters on a rock wall by the McNary Dam.

She also recalled their honeymoon in Jamaica, when they built a small fishing pole together with a stick and a sewing needle for the hook. 

“We joked about how the resort said they would cook anything we caught, and we actually caught a little fish when the tide was high,” Camille said. “I still have that dumb little pole.”

Josh was always happiest when he was on the water fishing or out hunting, Camille said.

Last Thursday, he left work early to go elk hunting near Orfino, Idaho. On Saturday afternoon, he lost control of an ATV and rolled. 

That night, two police officers came to their Kennewick home to tell Camille that Josh was in an accident and he didn’t survive. He was 34 years old.

“I think everyone will remember him having a huge, giving, caring heart,” Camille said. 

His funeral will be at the Sunset Memorial Gardens in Richland on Saturday Dec. 16. 


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