In Yakima County more than 50 candidates have filed during election filing week

Yakima, Wash. -

Election filing week continues in the state of Washington, in Yakima county more than 50 candidates have filed.

Candidates have already filed for two of the three Yakima city council seats available.

District 4 and 6 have long time incumbent’s Bill Lover and Maureen Adkison, who aren't running.

Lover’s seat already has four candidates, while Adkison's only has one.

Downtown Yakima business owner Joe Mann the first to file for Adkison's district 6 city council position.

"It's kind of citizens responsibility to help manage the city and so I basically just kind of following my own advice I think to step up there and do the right thing," said city council district 6 candidate Joe Mann.

No one has yet filed for district two city council seat held by Avina Gutiérrez.

There is over 100 positions throughout Yakima County up for election.

Including city councils, fire districts, school districts and judges in municipal and superior courts.

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