Jameson Irish Whiskey teams up with a favorite Yakima brewery

Jameson Irish Whiskey is teaming up with one of Yakima's favorite breweries: Bale Breaker! 

The two companies collaborated to release the Jameson Caskmates Topcutter IPA Limited Edition, a whiskey made using beer-seasoned barrels from Bale Breaker. 

The whiskey is described as having a rich, hoppy smell with floral notes, a citrusy taste with hints spices and vanilla and a rich, lasting finish as the taste of hops fades into notes of oak and spice, according to Jameson's website.

"This latest Caskmates Edition was conceived when Bale Breaker travelled to Ireland to brew their signature beer, Topcutter IPA, to season Jameson casks," the website says. "The Jameson Blenders then used these beer-seasoned casks to create Jameson Caskmates Topcutter IPA Limited Edition, pairing together each liquid's unique flavor – the smooth taste of Jameson with the hoppy characteristics and distinct flavors of Bale Breaker's signature Topcutter IPA."

Visit the website to find out where you can pick up a bottle.

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