Judge rules in favor of voting system changes in Pasco

Many in the city of Pasco celebrated Friday night after a decision made by a federal judge to change the city's current voting system.

It all began back in March when Bertha Aranda Glatt decided to sue the city of Pasco with the American Civil Liberties Union on her side.

She ran for an at large seat on the city council in 2015 and lost.

Glatt was among many who said the city's voting system at the time made it impossible for a member of the Latino community to become elected with five district and two at large seats.

The city will now have six district and one at large seat.

Both Latino community members and the Pasco Mayor were ultimately happy with the judge's decision.

"I'd say it's a very thoughtful decision, he weighed a lot of different factors and I think came up with a way that fits both The law and also that is going to work for Pasco in the future," said Matt Watkins, mayor of Pasco.

"We are very pleased with the decision, we are very excited about the decision," said David Cortinas with La Voz Hispanic Newspaper. "I think the decision with the plan that was given to them judge, he made the right decision," he said.

Glatt herself, was glad she fought for her community.

"I still think it's a win, it's still a banana split without the cherry on the top," she said. "It's a first step and I'm excited and hopefully we can generate some excitement and get people to come to the playing field. I'm very honored and humbled that I was able to be a part of this huge movement for Pasco."

Glatt said she would consider running again if no one else in the Latino community takes the initiative, but she is hoping to help others who would like to run first.

Along with this decision will come the reelection of all seven seats this fall.

Something the mayor said the city did not originally want.

However, Watkins said he is happy that the public was able to be involved in this decision.

Cortinas on the other hand said the city should be congratulated for the good work they put forth, a truly historic moment for the people of Pasco.

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