Jurassic Tour takes over the Yakima SunDome

YAKIMA, Wash. - For the first time Jurassic Tour was at the Yakima SunDome over the weekend. 

Jurassic Tour allows people and children of all ages to learn about dinosaurs and even have the opportunity to ride dinosaurs as well. 

General manager of Jurassic Tour David Eldika said the exhibit has been going to different cities around the U.S for the past four years. 

“Children get to see how dinosaurs walked and how they looked like when they come to the exhibit,” said Eldika. “Kids get to dig up fossils and even see a T-Rex, everyone wants to see those sharp teeth.” 

Nicole Johnson attended the exhibit with her family after hearing a commercial about the event. 

“My son Aiden really wanted to see the dinosaurs,” said Johnson. “This is perfect for kids of all ages I think this is pretty cool.” 

Jurassic Tour will be coming back to the Yakima SunDome next year.     

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