Kennewick crews continue to patch increasing number of potholes

The Tri-cities street crews continue to patch up potholes across the area from one of the most severe winters we've seen in decades.

In Kennewick alone, crews have patched over 170 potholes in three days.

It was a break from the snow and in turn several breaks in the road.

There are fewer roads to plow, but multiple potholes to patch.

"This is far more severe than we normally get due to the extreme cold and all the moisture we've had this year," said Josh Soggie, the streets crew leader for the city of Kennewick. "It's hard work, it's tiring. Those bags weigh 50 pounds a piece and they're putting down tons… tons of the stuff," he said.

However crews worked fast to keep the community safe.

"It could damage the rim it could damage the front end alignment , then results in complaints and or claims," said Cary Roe, director of public works for the city of Kennewick.

Over the past few days many across the city have been dodging potholes left and right.

Good thing Kennewick streets crews have been right there to repair them, rakes and torches in hand.

"I'm out in front of them surveying the streets, looking for potholes… seeing which streets are the worst," said Soggie.

"Something we take very seriously we want to be proactive as much as we can and now that we've had to break in the weather that's allowed us to do so," said Roe.

So far the city is looking at 14 different streets in particular, but also hopes residents give a heads up about any it has missed.

"We will get them done as fast as we can," said Roe. "Generally speaking 24 to 48 hours is our goal."

However, the road ahead seeming endless as we move further into the winter.

"We're going to see more, we may have to revisit one I've already been addressed," said Roe.

"The ground is still frozen underneath the road so we're still getting moisture pushing up so it's going to be a long spring," said Soggie.

To report potholes in Kennewick you can call (509) 585-4419 or message them through their website.

The other cities in the area provide ways for you to reach them on their websites as well.

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