KPD warns public about police impersonator

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A warning from Kennewick police about an imposter pulling people over claiming to be an officer. 

A person driving an older model Ford Crown Victoria or Chevy Caprice equipped with a single rotating beacon, activated the beacon and made a traffic stop and repeatedly identified himself as a Police Officer.

The incident reportedly happened on May 7, 2019 around 1:00 to 1:30 p.m. The person was driving eastbound on W. Clearwater Ave. when they were pulled over by the impersonator. 

The impersonator then allegedly requested to see the driver's information and at one point reached into the vehicle in an attempt to open the door.

The driver became suspicious early on and began questioning the impersonator who ultimately admitted to not being a police officer.

Citizens should be aware that the Kennewick Police Department Patrol Division operates a fleet of marked black and white patrol vehicles (pictured below). The department does utilize unmarked vehicles in its operations and those vehicles are fully equipped with emergency signaling equipment.


Impersonating a Police Officer is a severe offense and the Kennewick Police Department says they take it very seriously when any person misrepresents themselves to be a law enforcement officer.

If any person believes they have, are observing, or experiencing suspicious circumstances they are encouraged to call dispatch at (509)-628-0333, or 911 if they feel there is an immediate threat to the safety or welfare of themselves or others.

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