KENNEWICK, Wash. — A couple of weeks ago, KAPP KVEW’s General Sales Manager Hugh Hardage was at a Tri-Cities rotary meeting, when Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond stood up to talk.

“And he was pointing at his cell phone and he was saying how irritated and irked he had become with what’s going on in society and how police are being targeted and it immediately struck a chord with everybody in that room you could tell the gravity of the moment for him,” Hugh said.

In a matter of minutes, $2,500 was raised for WSP Trooper Dean Atkinson, who was shot in the line of duty in Walla Walla, in September.

Hugh, was inspired.

“He was definitely shaken to his core and that made me want to act and I thought, God as a new entity and operation we have an obligation and responsibility to the public and to our police officers at service and I immediately went down to the hub and threw this together,” he said.

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“Lucky enough to be approached and immediately said ‘yes, and what can we do to make this thing happen?'” Chris Corbin said.

Corbin is the owner of Summer’s Hub and Brady’s Brats and Burgers in Kennewick. It’s only been open for two months, but Chris was happy to step in and be the host for the fundraiser.

“When something like this happens in our community we have to come together, we are The Hub for the town we’re the place for the community and we need to give back when we can and this is a way we can give back and we’re really excited to have this thing happen here,” Corbin said.

Various Walla Walla breweries have donated kegs to the event, and the proceeds from each cup purchased will go to the Trooper’s recovery fund.

“If that doesn’t pull at your heart strings to see that people can still collectively come together and do the right thing for somebody that’s going through a really awful time and we certainly hope for the best outcome for Dean Atkinson,” Hugh said.

There will be other opportunities to donate at the event, as well as a DJ, games for kids and of course plenty of food. The event is Tuesday, October 11th from 5 to 8 PM.