Energy Northwest awarded for commitment to hiring veterans

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A local energy company was honored for their commitment to veterans on Thursday.

Energy Northwest was awarded the "Hire a Vet" award by WorkSource Columbia Basin for their track record of hiring military veterans.

Out of 1,089 Energy Northwest employees, 300 are veterans, much like U.S Air Force veteran Amy Donaldson.

"I am incredibly proud to work for a company that, you know not only takes care of their employees, but also takes care of veterans that again have, you know, put their life on the line (and) served their country," said Donaldson, an HR specialist for Energy Northwest.

"Hiring veterans, again, kind of pays back to those that have given us the ability to have the country that we have," said Mick Erickson, the local veterans employment representative at WorkSource Columbia Basin.

About 35 percent on the company's 2016 new hires were also veterans.

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