Yakima County schools respond to vaping epidemic

YAKIMA, Wash. - After the first vaping related illness in Washington was reported this week, some local school districts are growing worried. West Valley School District urges its students to stop vaping, and has been offering resources to concerned students and parents. 

The district's intervention specialist, Kayla Davis, said she meets with students who are concerned about the effects of vaping one-on-one to give them as much information as she can about the risks. 

"It is a very big epidemic that we are struggling with, and a lot of students aren't realizing the consequences but now with all these new evidence coming out we're able to sit down and say this is the diseases, this is what's happening," said Davis. "So there's a little bit more you can give the kid of a reality of what could happen."

Counselors are always on hand to offer more resources to students. 

Davis said she has also met with concerned parents to go through the basic facts, but she advises parents to keep doing research, so they can help steer their kids away from it.

"I just think it's very important for parents to even educate themselves, like looking online, looking at the devices, looking at the evidence, what researchers are coming up with and what this is doing to the teens' bodies," said Davis. "And definitely sitting down and having that uncomfortable conversation with your kids, I think is very important."

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