Man arrested after asking Moses Lake police officer to street race

MOSES LAKE, Wash. - A man’s silly question to a cop landed him in jail Thursday afternoon.

The 26-year-old leaned out the passenger side of his friend’s car and yelled at a Moses Lake police officer at a traffic light on S.R. 17. 

The officer rolled down his window assuming the man had an emergency. Instead, he was asked, while wearing his uniform and driving his patrol car, if he wanted to street race.  

The joke backfired. 

Police said the man who yelled has had a series of recent run-ins with the law. The officer at the light recognized his face and remembered that he had an outstanding arrest warrant. 

“Since this guy was obviously looking for attention, our officer gave it to him, pulling the car over and arresting him on his warrant,” police wrote on Facebook.

The passenger's joke also contributed to the driver's misfortune. 

Police said the driver had a suspended license and was dealt a citation for it. 

“At least he got to leave once a licensed driver arrived and took the car,” police said.  

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