Man allegedly pulls gun on his cousin near Prosser as they fought with shovels at work

PROSSER, Wash. -- Deputies say two cousins were fighting with shovels at work when one of them pulled a gun on the other Tuesday morning. 

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says 24-year-old Javier Ramirez, from Grandview, works with his cousin on the farm near Evans Road north of Prosser, and the men fight frequently.

They were assigned to the same task on Tuesday and began arguing, which escalated to the men “whacking each other with shovels," deputies say.  

During the fight, deputies say Ramirez pulled a pistol from his waistband and loaded it with one round. His cousin knocked the gun out of Ramirez’ hand before running away on foot. 

That’s when deputies say Ramirez started chasing him on an ATV and hitting him with a handsaw. 

The suspect’s cousin was able to get away and drive himself to a local hospital. Deputies say he suffered a broken hand, bruising and cuts. 

Deputies were called to the scene around 1 p.m., several hours after the fight ended. There, they found a gun in a backpack and seized it. 

Ramirez was booked at the Benton County Jail on suspicion of second-degree assault.


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