Man wasn't lost in the woods outside Naches for two weeks. He was probably high, official says

NACHES, Wash. - A man who said he'd been lost in the woods outside Naches for up to 15 days was clearly exaggerating – and probably high, said Yakima County Sheriff's Sgt. Judd Towell. 

On Friday afternoon, authorities got a call from a woman who said she spotted the man across the Naches River while she was fishing upstream near the 1100 block of State Route 410. 

The woman had military training experience, which she was able to utilize to float across the river and communicate with the man, according to Naches Fire Capt. Don Swanson. 

The woman called 911 and said the man was barely responsive. He told her he'd been lost in the woods for 10 to 15 days without food or water, deputies said.

Authorities sent a rescue boat to transport the man to safety. First responders said he was semi-alert but extremely weak and unable to move. 

On Tuesday KAPP-KVEW spoke to Sgt. Towell, who said he didn't know exactly how long the man had been missing, but that "he definitely wasn't out there for 10 to 15 days."

Sgt. Towell also said there is reason to believe the man was high on drugs when he was found. He did not say which type of drugs. 

The man's name or his condition weren't immediately available. 

We will be following up on this story to bring you the latest updates as we receive them. 

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