Many express concerns of immigration ban

On Monday many gathered at Rep. Dan Newhouse's office in Richland to voice their opinion about President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

For many, it was a chance to thank the Republican congressman for his statement on the ban.

However, it was also a chance to voice their concerns.

During a question and answer session many voices rang from the room.

"He asked me dad what's our plan B? Right, if something happens? What am I supposed to say? What's my plan b?," said a man who immigrated from India.

Immigrants and concerned citizens alike, feared the unknown.

Some green card holders are also afraid to leave the country they call home.

"Will I be allowed to go back in? To come back in without any harassment, without any to tension, without any problems at the border?" said one woman.

Rep. Newhouse was unable to be at his Tri-Cities office to listen to concerns on Monday.

However, his staff was more than willing to answer questions.

President Trump's executive order on immigration bans entrance into America for immigrants from seven Muslim countries for 90 days.

Many are outraged, but others walking in the Best Buy parking lot in Kennewick are supportive.

"Clinton did it, Bush did it, Obama did it in 2011, what's so different about it now?" said one man.

"He's not saying stop immigration, he's saying give us a chance to set up a better vetting process and I don't think you can fault him for that," said another.

Local scientist Nancy Washton said this ban, is not the way.

"We're not asking to be unsafe, we all want to be safe but we need to bring these people and so that they can thrive and be part of our communities," said Washton.

In a statement Rep. Newhouse said "some innocent people" are having their lives "needlessly disrupted."

Many were surprised to know a Republican representative shared their view.

It made me want to thank him so I just needed to give him some positive encouragement for the stand because I know that it wasn't easy for him to do this," said Washton.

In a different statement president Trump said "...we will continue to show compassion to those feeling oppression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border...."

However for many gathered on Monday, they said they don't plan on backing down until eveyone in welcome back in the United States, once again.

"We are going to make this right," said Washton.

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