Masked suspects attempt to steal cattle chute in Hermiston

UMATILLA, Ore. - The Umatilla County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man who allegedly burglarized a farm supply business in Hermiston last Friday.

According to deputies, on November 1 around 7 a.m. two masked men were seen in the back of the business who had attached a large cattle chute to a hitch on a Nissan Versa sedan.

The employee who saw them then told the suspects to stop, and they unhooked the cattle chute and sped off.

That employee was able to get their license plate numbers. Further investigation revealed the 24-year-old Eric Nava was one of the suspects.

On Monday, a Hermiston police officer stopped Nava's car and called the sheriff's office.

Inside the vehicle, officers found a black ski mask and drug paraphernalia.

Nava denied involvement, but officers say he couldn't explain the items in the car.

Nava was arrested for attempted theft in the first degree, burglary in the second degree, and criminal trespassing.

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