Men found guilty of child rape in Benton County 24 years after crimes took place

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Two men were found guilty on Thursday for raping a child in Benton County 24 years ago, then fleeing to Connecticut, prosecutors say. 

The Benton County Prosecutor's Office said Eduardo S. Martinez and Alejandro S. Martinez were convicted of first-degree rape of a child. 

The sheriff's office launched an investigation into the suspects soon after the victims reported the men to law enforcement  in 1998. The men were charged but moved out of state before they could be arrested.

This year, Benton County detectives learned that the men were both living in Connecticut. They worked with Connecticut's Norwalk Police Department to have the men arrested and extradited to Washington state. 

The prosecutor's office said the case was difficult to prove due to the length of time from the start of the investigation to the trial. 

Under the current sentencing guidelines, Alejandro is facing 93-123 months in prison, and Eduardo is facing 120-160 months in prison. 

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