Moxee woman reunited with stolen ring found in Chicago

The ring was stolen from Yakima County in 2013

CHICAGO - A Moxee woman now has a priceless family heirloom back on her finger, her travels to get it back spanning nearly 2,000 miles.

Regina Robles’ home was broken into in November 2013, the burglars taking about $100,000 worth of jewelry.

Among the items taken, her grandmother’s diamond ring, set in white gold.

“The sentimental value. Irreplaceable,” Robles said.

However, fast forward to June this year, Robles spotting a news story from Chicago while scrolling Facebook: ‘Chicago police hope you can find owner of diamond engagement ring.’

“My stomach sunk,” Robles said. “There was no doubt.”

Robles recognized the three-banded ring, and called WFLD FOX 32 in Chicago to report it was hers.

“They said, ‘that’s what everyone’s saying,” laughed Robles.

According to Chicago Police, officer Alberta Zayas received the ring from someone near a restaurant called Café Bella. Restaurant staff and Zayas decided to take to social media to find the owner.

Robles knew the secret inscription and proved with photos she was indeed the woman they were looking for.

She flew to Chicago on Thursday and met with Zayas at Café Bella over the weekend, reunited with her precious family heirloom. But first, Robles sharing a handshake and a hug.

"The instantaneous warm feeling you get just knowing somebody is getting closure in their life,” Zayas told FOX 32. “To find that thing that she's been missing, it was a real good feeling."

“Even something this small, it meant a lot to her,” Café Bella manager Nancy Cruz said. “And it was something that among all the awful things that happen and we hear about all the time, we made somebody happy and a whole family happy, so that's special to us."

Robles flew back to Washington Monday with the ring back on her finger.

“I’m never going to take it off,” she laughed.

She added she is thankful for officer Zayas and the people who made it possible to pass the ring on to her own daughter one day.

“He'll be a part of my life forever. And so will anybody else who was involved in this,” Robles said. “I never stopped praying. I never lost hope. And that's why I'm here today. There’s no impossibles.”

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