New report reveals Yakima makes up 34 percent of DUI's in the state

YAKIMA, Wash. - A new report by the Washington State Traffic and Safety Commission shows DUI rates in the city of Yakima are rising, making up 34-percent of DUI’s in the whole state.     

The Yakima Police Department were presented a new report Friday morning that reveals the city of Yakima holds the number one spot for DUI’s in the state. 

Over the last year, from October 2016 to September 2017 there were 382 DUI arrests in the state of Washington. 

YPD arrested 132 people for DUIand that represents 34.5-percent.

A recognition that the Target Zero manager said is not something to take lightly. 

“It's a substantial increase and Yakima has been recognized in a number of occasions however, this is above and beyond what they've been recognized for before,” said Target Zero’s manager Charlotte Layman. 

An increase she said we shouldn't blame law enforcement for.

But she said they are working to fight the problem.

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