Health district urges parents to get their child's back-to-school vaccines sooner than later

The first school bell is a few weeks away. This means back-to-school shopping and vaccinations. 

In Washington, a child is required to have a Hepatitis B shot as well as tetanus, polio, measles, chicken pox and more.

"Most common vaccines that kids come into at this time of year is that 5th going into 6th grade," said Heather Hill, Clinical Services Supervisor at the Benton-Franklin Health District. "Make sure your tetanus diphtheria pertussis is up to date."

Only certain vaccinations are required when a child is entering a specific grade level. There are other vaccines the health district recommends but isn't required. 

Hill says many parents come in at the last minute to get vaccinations for their children, which she deters due to a limited number of nurses.

"We're just still trying to get those kids into the routine of 5th grade going into 6th--get your vaccines updated before school starts," Hill explains.

All of the required vaccines are free. A physician whether at your primary doctor or the health district cannot charge you. However, there is an office or administrative fee.

If you cannot afford the fee, you can ask for it to be waived.

For a list of the required vaccinations, click here. 

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