Pasco business rallies in support of DACA recipient coworker

PASCO, Wash.- A local construction company is rallying in support one of its employees who faces the possibility of being deported in March. 

Oscar Gutierrez is a project manager the Elite Construction in Pasco. He grew up in the United States.

"I was brought here at a very young age without my consent," he said. "Everyone in my family is an American citizen except me because of the broken system."

Several workers at Elite Construction signed post cards today encouraging legislators to come up with a solution for immigrants like Gutierrez.

His boss Trini Garibay, owner of Elite Construction, says losing him would break his heart.
"He's going to make some tough decisions and he's an asset to the company," Gariba said. "It's going to affect us on a personal level."

Gutierrez along with the other 800,000 DACA recepients are keeping a close eye on Washington, D.C. Lawmakers are deciding on a spending bill tied to DACA support. Democrats have threatened to vote against any spending bill unless Congress passes the DREAM Act.

Those who oppose the DREAM Act say it rewards undocumented immigrants who come to the U.S. illegally rather than tackling the issue of their growing numbers.

Gutierrez said he and his wife want to start a family in the U.S., but he is holding off because of the uncertainty of his future.

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