Pasco PD praise citizen for their honesty after turning in found iPhone

PASCO, Wash. - Pasco Police are thanking a citizen for their honesty after turning in an iPhone they found to officers.

Juan Hernandez Jimenez found a new iPhone. The phone was unlocked and officers said Jimenez tried to find the owner. When he was unable to do so, he flagged down a Pasco officer.  

They were able to contact the owner and return it.

"Any citizen of Pasco can find a new iPhone on the ground but it takes a real honest person to turn in the cell phone to the Police," Pasco Police said in a Facebook post. “So crack open a nice cold beverage (water is the best) of your choice Mr. Jimenez, for you’re a real man of integrity.”

Police do want to remind people that if you find property that’s not yours, turn it in. 


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