Pendleton Police challenge Hermiston Police to lip sync battle

UMATILLA COUNTY, Ore. - The Hermiston Police Department has accepted the Lip Sync Challenge after being nominated by Pendleton Police. 

The department has narrowed its song choice to three options – Kiss by Prince, Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd and Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees. On its Facebook page, the department is asking for public input to decide which song they should perform.

The Pendleton Police Department challenged Hermiston Police to participate after putting out its own lip sync video of officers performing What Is Love by Haddaway.

The video has been shared over 3,000 times on Facebook.

Pendleton Police also nominated Pasco Police, Walla Walla Police, La Grande Police, Tribal Police, the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office and Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

The Lip Sync Challenge gained nationwide notoriety this week when the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia made a video to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. The video has been viewed over 31 million times on social media.

The Norfolk Police Department nominated the Seattle Police Department to participate in the challenge, which Seattle accepted on Wednesday. 

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