5 questions heading into Tuesday's Democratic primaries

Only three of the four states that had been scheduled to hold Democratic presidential primaries amid an outbreak of the novel coronavirus are going ahead. Leaders in Ohio called off Tuesday's election just hours before polls were set to open. Elections officials in Arizona, Illinois and Florida say they're moving forward with plans to vote. But there are questions about what voter turnout will look like, with people being warned to stay away from crowds. The states allow early voting, so there's a good chance many people cast ballots remotely by mail. If Joe Biden widens his lead over Bernie Sanders, it could spell the end of the presidential primary.

Special election first results for Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Kittitas and Walla Walla counties

UPDATE: Below are links to the first round of results for each county's special election: Benton County https://results.votewa.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=03&map=CTY Kittitas County https://results.votewa.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=19&map=CTY Walla Walla County https://results.votewa.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=36&map=CTY Yakima County https://results.votewa.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=39&map=CTY Franklin County https://results.votewa.gov/ResultsSW.aspx?type=CTYALL&cty=11&map=CTY -- Tuesday is a special election day for Benton,…