Port of Pasco deciding what to do with old wharf by Cable Bridge

PASCO, Wash. - The Port of Pasco is currently exploring options on what to do with an old dock by the Cable Bridge.

The wharf has been around since the 1950's but hasn't been used for the last decade. A redevelopment project by the port is looking to turn it into something the community can benefit from.

Director of Economic Development Gary Ballew said the number one thing they found in community surveys that people want is more access to the riverfront. Ballew said the port is looking at a variety of options to give the community what they want.

"The wharf could provide a lot of opportunities," Ballew said. "People will have a chance to enjoy the waterfront, get a snack, get some food, sit out on the wharf, enjoy the beautiful weather we have here."

A recent inspection found the wharf was in pretty good shape besides a few things here and there. The port is looking to decide what exactly it will be by the beginning of 2020.

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