Preliminary election results set up Workman to take over Wapato

WAPATO, Wash. - While votes are still coming in for the primary election, results from Tuesday night indicate Wapato City Council member Keith Workman will be serving the city as Mayor in the next term.

"I know I'm in for a large amount of work and now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and get things done," Workman said. "This is what we've been waiting for."

Workman is leading the race with 66.7 percent of the total, or 81 votes  with candidate Joseph Wofford trailing behind at 30.6 percent, or 37 votes. The candidates are 44 votes apart. 

Here's the preliminary results for Wapato City Council:

  • Chuck Stephens has a strong lead in the race for Position 1, with 77.7 percent of the total, or 94 votes. Timothy James Roa is trailing behind with 19 percent, or 23 votes.
  • The race for Position 2 has Jesse Farias leading at 74.4 percent of the total, or 90 votes. Edwin Andrade had  23.1 percent, or 28 votes.
  • A close race for Position 4 has Margaret Estrada slightly ahead at 51.2 percent of the total, or 62 votes. Doug Milne is close behind at 46.3 percent, or 56 votes.
  • Another close race for Position 5 has the candidates separated by just four votes. Tony Guzmán has a slight lead at 51.3 percent of the total, or 61 votes. Frances Ayers is close behind with 47.9 percent, or 57 votes. 
  • Judith Owens-Campos is leading the race for Position 6, with 62.1 percent of the total, or 72 votes. Rosemary "Rosie" Reyes has 37.9 percent, or 44 votes.
  • The closest race in Wapato, for Position 7, has the candidates separated by just three votes. Caroline Solis has 50.9 percent of the total, or 60 votes, while Karina Lara has 48.3 percent, or 57 votes.  

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