Recovery effort underway for boaters who went missing on Columbia River

UMATILLA COUNTY, Wash. - Deputies have identified two boaters who went missing on the Columbia River over the weekend.

According to the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office, Janice Arsenault, 44, of Umatilla and Trenton Williams, 20, of Idaho were riding on the dive step of the boat on Saturday when they went missing near Bobby's Beach along Highway 730. 

The boat driver, 41-year-old Richard Kirkendall of Hermiston, said they were riding on the dive step of the boat while he was driving to shore. 

When he got to shore, he noticed they were missing and notified authorities.

The sheriff's office is working with Umatilla County firefighters and members of Columbia Basin Dive Rescue to find them. The search has turned into a recovery effort. 

Search crews are utilizing sonar to search the bottom of the river and airplanes to search along shorelines.

KAPP-KVEW has confirmed that Arsenault is a volunteer firefighter with Umatilla Rural Fire Protection District. 

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