Rep. Matt Manweller denies resurfaced sexual harassment allegations

Washington state representative and Central Washington University professor Matt Manweller faces sexual harassment allegations that are resurfacing from 12 years ago.  

Manweller is denying all of them.

"I was feeling, I was being a little used just to make a national story a local story," said Manweller.  

State representative and political science professor Matt Manweller said previous sexual misconduct complaints that have recently been brought back to light is a thing of his past but most importantly not true.  

"These allegations were investigated 12 years ago and found to be going without merit, then when I ran for office they were reinvestigated and again to be found without merit,” said Manweller. 

The Seattle Times recently reported that in 2006 Manweller had been investigated twice for allegations of sexually harassing students, including a situation where Manweller allegedly invited a student to have drinks together and when they did he asked the student and a friend she brought along about their sex life then invited them both to have intercourse with him.

These accusations one of several that Manweller said are absolutely false.

"At the end with all this hearsay and rumor and innuendo, the fact remains is that there's never been a formal complaint,” said Manweller. 

Manweller provided Kapp-Kvew documents that he said proves his innocence. 

A sworn declaration from the chief of staff at CWU said that allegations against Manweller were substantiated and no disciplinary actions was initiated against him. 

A second document Manweller said is an affidavit from one of the women who initially accused him but then said she did because she felt bribed and pressured to make false allegations. 

Reason why Manweller believes the allegations originated from people who had different political views that he does. 

"Obviously somebody's feelings were hurt or somebody had you know a grudge, it’s hard to interpret the motivation of others,” said Manweller. 

Manweller said he has no plans to leave office, repeating that after two different investigations the allegations were proven to be false. 

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