Residents express disapproval of Yakima County's water utility plan

YAKIMA, Wash. - A Yakima county water utility plan is on hold. 

Tuesday morning, Yakima County Commissioners discussed the possibility of adopting an ordinance that would regulate rural domestic water use in unincorporated areas of the county.

In early October, commissioners decided that the community will have to pay to compensate for using the county's water supply, something they had never done before.

Today they allowed public input on the proposed ordinance. 

An ordinance that dozens of residents do not approve of. 

"It’s creating a taxing authority by which your taxed for the water that has always been considered part of your land in other words you paid for it when you bought the property so for your private use, and now their creating a water utility that will tax you,” said resident Pamela Mullen. 

After listening to over a dozen comments commissioners agreed to review the ordinance among themselves and make a decision next Tuesday. 

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