Smoke from wildfires prompts air quality alert for Tri-Cities area

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - Benton Clean Air Agency has issued an air quality alert for the region. 

Air Quality has reached “orange” unhealthy for sensitive populations-- levels as a result of the smoky conditions we are experiencing. Wildfires burning in the region combined with forecasted conditions will cause air quality to reach unhealthy levels and potentially remain there until Friday morning.

Pollutants in smoke can cause burning eyes, runny nose, aggravate heart and lung diseases and aggravate other serious health problems.  

Limit outdoor activities and keep children indoors if it is smoky. Please follow medical advice if you have a heart or lung condition. 

Individuals should consider air quality conditions before conducting activities outdoors, especially to those who are sensitive to air pollution.  

Sensitive groups include older adults, children, people who work or exercise outdoors, and those with heart conditions and respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.  Everyone else should reduce outdoor activities.

Air quality can change quickly; current air quality information can be viewed at our website on the home page, for more detail follow the links just to the right of the dial for Washington Air Quality Advisory. 

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