So, what's a King Cake anyways?

PASCO, Wa - Where there’s a party, there’s most likely a cake and for the biggest party held every year in the French Quarter in Louisiana, it’s only fitting to have the grandest cake of them all: King Cake.

But, for those unfamiliar, what is a King Cake anyways? In two words, sensory overload! How about another word too: delicious. Typically, King Cake is made of a rich, brioche dough and a wide array of fillings, such as cinnamon, chocolate and cream cheese. Even the colors of the icing have a meaning. Gold represents power, green is associated with faith and purple illustrates justice. Fun fact that I didn’t know, King Cake is baked without a center, like a Bundt cake, except buried inside the batter is a tiny plastic baby figurine.

This morning on Good Morning Northwest, we’ll tell you all about the King Cake as we make one with Vinny Marin of Vinny’s Bakery in Pasco. Also, someone is taking home this sweet treat, so tune in! The show starts at 5:00AM!

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