The story behind the 'Pasco Pride' rap

PASCO, Wash.- A music video featuring three Pasco teens has racked up over 100,000 views across social media.

Hometown rapper Victor Rodriguez was asked by his teacher to write a rap about Pasco High School. Victor said he was skeptical at first, but then said yes.

Victor brought his older brother Mario and friend Geo Riveria on board with him. The three then wrote "Pasco Pride".

The bridge sums it up: "As long as I got you and you got me, we're a prideful Bulldog family."

The video shows the boys rapping as they walk around the school layered over with clips of school sports events and kids in class. 

The boys say they wrote this song hoping the lyrics would inspire their peers.

"Never give up on your dreams," Victor said. "Everyone has dreams. Just keep chasing after them. The more you chase after them, the more you'll end up being right here."



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